Monday, October 21, 2013

New 5-star review on Tome Tender & Amazon

Try Not to Burn just got a wonderful new 5-star review from Dii on Tome Tender.  She's also a Top 1000 reviewer on Amazon.  It was so great to see what she thought of the book.  Check out the full review on her site or on Amazon

Here are a couple quick snippets:

"Many of us assume that when the end of our life comes, the good we have done will far outweigh the bad and there won’t be a need to wonder the results of our judgment day. What if that isn’t exactly true? What if your soul teeters on the edge of getting “burned” before you have a chance to redeem yourself? Three souls find themselves running for their eternal lives in Hell City, chased by the demons of the underworld."

"Try Not to Burn by Michael David Matula opens the gates to hell with his dark fantasy, giving us a frightening look at the unknown. The “burning” hurdles he creates for his three main characters, a policeman, a bank robber and a broken-hearted teen would test the mettle of a saint." 

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