Sunday, October 13, 2013

Author Fair!

 I was at the Joliet Authorfair yesterday, signing copies of Try Not to Burn and hanging out with some great local authors. Here's a picture from outside the event:

 And here are a couple of pictures from inside, when I was setting up my table. They gave each of the authors a nice little swag bag, with pens, a chocolate bar, and some other fun stuff.  I handed out Red Hots again at this event, and almost every time a kid ran past the table, I could hear the red hots rattling around in their pocket like maracas. 

 I forgot to take many pictures after setup, as the day went by pretty fast for me, but I did manage to make a tour of some of the other tables, and here's one of the authors I met: G.P.A. (aka Greatest Poet Alive). Best name in all of authordom?  Possibly.


  1. Enjoyed chatting with you again at the Joliet Authorfair. Your pics are great--wish I'd have taken more, too. I always seem to forget until the event is over! Great blog, keep up the good work.
    Karen DeWitt, Author of "The Bunco Club"
    PS: Thanks for the FB Like. Do you have a FB page?

    1. Thank you, Karen! It was great talking to you, too. I hope to see you again soon.
      And thank you for asking. Here's my FB page: