Saturday, June 15, 2013

Printer's Row Lit Fest

This last weekend in downtown Chicago, I had the chance to hang out with a bunch of my fellow Post Mortem Press authors, including Cynthia Pelayo, Brian Dobbins, and Christian Larsen.  It was my first time at an event like this, and it was great meeting everyone and chatting with some of the festival goers who were kind enough to stop by.  And the four of us were each interviewed for Authors Showcase (Chicago Cable Channel 25), which is a TV show that promotes new authors and new books.  There was an issue with the audio for my interview (the event got pretty loud sometimes), but thankfully, they stopped by again on Sunday and re-did the interview with me.  I'm hoping I did okay on it, as it was all a bit of a blur for me after the camera went on. 

I also spent the first two hours on Sunday at the Chicago Writers Association tent, and got to meet fellow Chicago author Victoria Noe, along with Dan Burns, the head of Windy City Reviews.  Here's the picture I took before the day began:

Oh, and here's a couple of the other pictures I took on Sunday, as I walked to the event from the train station.