Monday, August 12, 2013

Featured Book of the Week:

The book of the week, where I'll be featuring fun and interesting books from around the web.  Here's the first one I've selected.  Like zombies?  Well, then I have the book for you:

“With his novel, The Dead Civil War, Kenneth W. Cain has put his finger on the pulse of a nation at war with itself.  Born of political ennui and hand-wringing frustration, this book is a chilling glimpse into an America on the ropes.  Tough and honest, The Dead Civil War has got some serious teeth to it.  Think Patrick Henry goes to Zombieland, because that’s what Cain has in store for you!” – Joe McKinney, author of MUTATED and INHERITANCE

A struggle for power arises in the United States and leaves the world in desolation. Strange creatures arise from the ash of battle and travel in packs. What is left of humanity gathers in small groups, trying to outlast the terror they know as reality. Of these, a fractured couple rediscovers each other and they must face the truth of Allen’s secretive past. They must confront the man who played his hand to make this all happen. Will America learn from its mistakes?

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