Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sale on Kindle Version of Try Not to Burn!

$3.99 Kindle Paranormal Thriller Novel

It doesn't happen very often, but Post Mortem Press has seen fit to lower the cover price of the Paranormal Thriller, Try Not to Burn, for a limited time. Grab it while supplies last!  (Technically, it's an ebook, so supplies aren't really a factor, but...well, it's fun to say, isn't it?)

Mia Darien, author of the Adelheid Series of vampire novels, says, "I’m always fascinated by unique or different depictions of Hell and Purgatory, the darker and unusual settings. Matula provides an interesting scenario, blending the spiritual, the emotional, the physical; merging past, present, future; bringing religious concepts without necessarily any specific religion, so it has a general appeal and fascination without being “preachy.”  This book brings in another thing I love: characters living in the moral grey. You know from the start that our Main Characters would not be there if they hadn’t done something to earn it, but you root for them anyways; even after you learn what they did. You’re still there with them."

Angelika Rust, writer of the mafia-inspired fantasy novel, Ratpaths, calls the book, "A very well thought-out, action-laden story. I'm truly looking forward to the sequel."

And Top 500 Amazon Reviewer Kacunnin says: "A mash-up of 'The Matrix' and Dante's 'Inferno.' I recommend TRY NOT TO BURN for fans of epic horror stories set in strange and convoluted worlds chock-full of mind-bending rules and God-driven tests of faith and character. This is a very big story, even though the focus is on three very small people. In Dante's version of Hell, he reveals that the only way to salvation is through an understanding of sin. It's the same with TRY NOT TO BURN - only through immense and harrowing trials can Brand and his friends move beyond Hell City to whatever awaits beyond." 

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