Saturday, January 25, 2014

Indie Book of the Day Award Winner

Hey, I just found out I won an award!  That's always fun, isn't it? 

The fine people at just awarded Try Not to Burn as the "Best Paramormal Thriller to Listen to Enya to While Sipping a Latte".  Well, not really.  They awarded it as the "Indie Book of the Day" for January 25, 2014.  But that's still pretty nifty.  Now, I'm just waiting for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to hand me the key to Chicago and proclaim January 25th as the official "Try Not to Burn" day. 

Now, I just need the mayor to start returning my calls.  Guess he took that whole "You tried to include yourself as a write-in candidate and didn't vote for me" thing personally. 

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