Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ever Feel Like You're Stuck in a Time Loop?

This latest review is the 2nd time my work's been compared to Groundhog Dag in the last month.  Hmm...I'm starting to feel like I'm stuck in some sort of loop, with no means of escape...

Anyway, here's a snippet of that review, which I recently received on Amazon for my supernatural thriller, Try Not to Burn

"The setting and tone is wonderful. I pictured an urban setting of metallic run down apartment buildings, with tunnels underneath. It was vivid as a scene from the movie Sin City. The Gral are like policeman of the state, and straight out of a Halo Xbox game. Along with some big slippery snakes and demons in disguise, they make wonderful monsters. It seemed a melding of the earthy caverns of hell with a sci-fi like metallic science fiction, and an almost steampunk technology.

World-building ruled the day, and it is an awesome world with wonderful implications. For example, if you live and make it to the night time bell, you wake up the next day 'reset' with your original belongings. Groundhog Day meets the Matrix."

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