Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Book Review - Girl on the Red Pillow by Angelika Rust

An average abusive childhood, a tendency towards depression. Annalee's life could be normal. If only she could get rid of the dwarf.
Annalee doesn't mind what people call her. After all, a name's just a name. What she does mind, though, is the dwarf trying to wall her in. Struggling between reality and hallucination, a black cat and a talking skeleton her only companions along the way, Annalee fights for her sanity, and a way out.

Delightfully quirky, funny, & exceedingly original. This novella is a psychedelic journey of discovery through one woman's mind and—quite literally—her soul, as she seeks to repair the damage of a difficult and tumultuous childhood. I really enjoyed this book, and I loved the offbeat cast of characters. Where else will you find a closet skeleton sidekick, or a manipulative dwarf with a skill for psychic masonry? The descriptions are vivid and excellent, and the story kept me hooked straight from the beginning to the satisfying conclusion. It's not always fun and games, as some dark and disturbing events do occur, particularly about midway through, but I thought this was definitely deserving of a full complement of stars.  The novella is available for 99 cents on Amazon. 

Review score: 5 stars.



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