Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stories of the Week

After last week's visit with Claire C. Riley—wasn't she delightful?—I'm flying solo in the blog studios again to bring you another edition of SOTW (which, if you're curious, is properly pronounced as “Sot-wuh”).

I was a guest on Claire's own blog recently, as she featured an excerpt from Try Not to Burn, and shared a quick “Getting to know the Author” Q&A session with me.  I dropped 5 facts about myself (like why my lucky number is actually 13, and how I almost died when I was a small child, from a popular Christmas-themed treat). I also mention 5 things that people may not know about my books.  Such as how I originally had a completely different prologue, why one of the characters is named Clarence (can you guess the movie reference?), and what the story began as before it became a full-fledged novel.

This week's writing news:
My 5 pages a day writing goal is still going strong, I'm very happy to say.  I've had a few near-misses, as some days were more difficult than others, but I've managed to stay on track.  As I'm writing this post, I'm currently on page 158, at over 39,000 words.  Since it's a Middle Grade novel, I'm shooting for around 50,000 words total, so the finish line is within sight.

The outline has evolved a bit since I initially wrote it out, but it's still been quite helpful in guiding me through the story, and keeping me to the important story beats.  Without a good outline, there's a danger in focusing on aspects that don't ultimately end up mattering.

And to provide another clue for what I've been working on, here's a couple of the topics I've been researching for the book this week:

The research wasn't quite as fun as it was last week (in fact, it was downright depressing at times, as there aren't a ton of blue whales left in the world), but I did read about some very interesting exhibits, and the whales are fascinating creatures. 

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