Friday, January 25, 2013

New Book Description for Amazon

It's not live yet, as it's still pending publisher approval, but here's the new book description I wrote up last night for Try Not to Burn's Amazon page:

Officer Brand Morales never even saw the gunshot that killed him. All he saw was the serial killer's grin before the world went black. Awakening in a nightmarish plane of purgatory, replete with demons and desperation, Brand meets a pair of lost souls simply struggling to survive: Samantha Reiss, a tough-as-nails bank robber who died from lethal injection, and Jane Calrin, a teenage girl who ate a bullet to cap off a tear-stained murder-suicide.

With their souls hanging in the balance, and eternal damnation never more than one wrong turn away, these three strangers will need to learn to trust one another as they journey toward salvation. But when the rules of the game begin to change in purgatory's favor, and when lost loves and hidden desires threaten to push the trio apart, they'll need more than faith and determination to pass God's final test.

They'll need a miracle. 

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